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For more gifts like these, check out my list of gifts for busy people.Introverts enjoy movies just as much as the next ambivert or extrovert, so get them something that will help them relax after a long day.If they enjoy humor, movies about female friends or bromance would work, or if they're into "binge watching" TV shows (where you get caught up on an entire show in a sitting), a DVD collection from some of the best television shows about friendship would be appreciated.

Places like Zazzle and Café Press offer a variety of shirts that people have created.

Or even better, you could create one especially for your friend.

Introverts can get stressed out easily, especially during the holidays when parties are the norm, so give them something to keep their spirits up and their soul content.

Things like yoga classes, an art journal, tea, or even spa gifts work out well.

Or, if they're up to date on their favorite show, getting them related merchandise works, too.

For example, these gift ideas for Introverts need quiet and solitude to recharge their batteries, and these noise-canceling headphones from JVC (buy direct) are perfect for that.They're great for travel or even at home when they need some quiet time for reflection or reading.If you've got an introvert on your gift list, they'll love these thoughtful gift ideas that speak to their personality. Generally introverts love digging deeply into a subject so anything that allows them to expand their minds is usually good.Introverts enjoy solitude and quiet moments to relax and recharge, so be sure to purchase something that will lift their spirits. Things like cookbooks, history books, biographies, or even books about introverts are good choices. You'll have to get to know your introvert a bit before you decide.E-readers are inexpensive enough these days that anyone can buy one, but if your friend still hasn't made the leap, an e-reader along with a gift card to their favorite online outlet is a good choice. Let your friend celebrate their introverted-ness with a tee shirt.