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Go to her house and "ask." Don't worry if she rejects you.

Seventh Saturday - Complete the Time Machine (see below). After the Intro, (you don't need to focus on the stats if you're "testbug") go to the Mall. If not, than wait, or save, leave the Mystic place, and wait... Save, and go to Kotomi and ask her on a date.(My relationship with her was 710, because she called me.)Go to either the "Sleeping Forest" or "Golden City." Either way, you can't kiss on the first date, THUS MEANING THAT you CAN'T get on a "girlfriend" relationship with her. She'll give you a fashion magazine in Golden City, giving your CHARM stat at xxx/300, instead 200. DAY 4Save, get the day, load, either work or train, depending on where you went. =DNow you finally get to talk to Tomoko, the girl who really can't voice act in the english dub. I have her at 362 at this point, so one more should do it, but I'd buy two, just in case. You should be able to "ask" again, meaning that you can finally date her! You need at least 500 before they'll be interested.) Guess a day, save, and then keep on guessing.

Once you got your day, leave, load, and then go home and use the computer twice. Now she'll be a "good friend." Plus, she'll give you 10 coffee, medicine, and hankerchiefs. ^^;; Talk to her, and you should be able to "ask" again. =DShe'll ask you question at this point, so-Tomoko Saeki Phone Number:866-656-7354Birthday: November 21Her dad works at Ecophobia Games Favorite Movie: Love Generation Favorite Car: Carrera GTFavorite Song: Blurry Eyes Favority Colors: Red, Blue, Black, Pink Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Breast: 88Hips: 89Waist: 56Weight:47 kg Height: 163 cm Blood Type: ABFukoma... DX (In the anime, she goes to a different school.)Talk again, if she asks you a question, give her a teddy, talk, and leave. And again, I'm sorry, but you'll need to buy some teddies.

(By talking.) If you don't get it, load and try again. Save, and then ASK the Mystic blonde girl (her name is Sana,) and she'll be impressed by the magazine.


I mean, it wouldn't load the game I saved, GODDAMMIT!

At this point, though, for SOME FUCKING REASON, I had to restart... Once you DO beat him, though, you will get the belt of... Because of the Internet, you won't need to study at school in the classroom. (300)Lover status with everyone Max hentai level with everyone (Ami doesn't have any.)And 300,000 dollahs. (They're the best gift to use in the forest.) "Return," and she should be satisfied. When you're talking to her, ask her if she's going to Enjo Kosai... Answer the questions, give her the RING, and take a photo. Go to Ami's (you should have plently of coffee.) Now you have 20-something coffee, or at least, you should. If you want to see the "Mega-Playboy" ending, than you REALLY should say that you're name is "testbug..." Eeeven though his name is "Junta."IF YOU ARE NOOOOT GOING TO BE "testbug," THAN "ctrl + F" and put in "*****" without the quotes. This gets you 23-33 Strength for training at the Pub (-50En each time), 7-9 Charm for having sex at the Pub (-20En and -$20), and 1-5 Knowledge for surfing the Web from your Home PC (-10En). FOR THE PLAY-BOY ENDING, YOU'LL NEED-Max stats for everything! Every Sunday, you will have to go to Ami's house to work on the Time Machine. -First Sunday - 20 Coffee cans (-$200) Second Sunday - 20 Handkerchief (-$400)Third Sunday - 20 Flowers (-$1000)Fourth Sunday - 10 Medicines (-$800) Fifth Sunday - 5 Diamond rings (-$5000) Sixth Sunday - 10 Teddy bears (-$3000)Then go to her place on the seventh Sunday. Buy 30 of coffee, hankerchiefs, and medicine, plus 5 flowers, teddy bears and ONE ring. Talk to her, give her flowers, and then talk to her again. By the way, the answers to her questions are: Kotomi Takanashi Phone Number: 866-731-8410Birthday: August 29Her mom works at: MIScom Favorite Movie: You and Me Favorite Car: 360 Spyder Favorite Song: Titanic Favorite Colors: Black, Red, Brown, Yellow Zodiac Sign: Virgo Waist: 53Breast: 84Weight: 43 kg Height: 155 cm Blood Type: OHips: 83Now she'll be a "good friend." Talk to her, and she'll most likely ask you something. By the way, you should be able to talk to her on the phone twice- once before saving, and once after. If you got to talk to her twice, than her exp should be 436. I chose "Sleeping Forest." I don't think I ever got a girl in tears here. Talk to her three times WHILE answering her questions correctly, take a photograph, and give her flowers. (You won't need to use any energy.) Go to the Library, first. This time, go to the place that you DIDN'T go to last time. If you run out of magic, (the blue bar) than just keep on pressing the "a" key. Right now, my stats are-Strength: 199/200Knowledge: 175/200Charm: 184/300Don't worry if your stats aren't like mine. Plus, I have Kotomi at 3663 exp, and 40/100 Hentai. Say "We can still have phone sex." *Facepalm*NOW, her Hentai level should be 60/100. DAY 3Save, find out the day, load, and then work as a "Drug Dealer." Obviously, you need to load if you get caught. I chose "Hot Beach."If you choose the BEACH, give her a TEDDY BEAR. Talk to her, leave, save, talk, (her exp should be 40) and you should be able to "ASK." Now you can give her flowers! "Give her a kiss," then think that she'll beg for sex with you some day. So now, you should be at 20/200 for Tomoko's hentai level. (It takes 5 energy each time.)Ignore the message that you'll get when you try to go to sleep. DAY 7 (Sunday)You'll automatically be in a "King of Fighters" cosplay contest. (She has the closest resemblance, anyway.) Of COURSE she's Mai... Save at the start of every new day, because you'll have to load the game if-You get less than fifty in all with training for your strength. You didn't guess the date day right/Ryuuji is bothering the girl. Every Saturday, if you want the Hentai ending, you should go to the theatre every Saturday. Here you go- THEN go to the "Medical Room." "Tickle Her." Now, her hentai level should be 40/100. DAY 2Save, and keep on guessing on the next date day. You didn't get anything, or was unable to kiss the girl on her date. Fourth Saturday - Karin Partner/Lover, and Sana as your Girlfriend. Eight Saturday - Cutscene plus hentai level for Kotomi and Tomoko. By the way, you should have 9999 money, three of coffee, hankerchiefs, and medicine, and 170/200 of all stats. (The cute, black haired girl.) You should have 54 exp with her. Talk to her, and she'll say something like (he is cute...) Click "Ask," and she'll give you her number. By the way, answering the phone doesn't require any energy. If you go to "Golden City," than I would suggest renting a car (it takes 100 money.) If she's at the point where the portrait picture has tears, leave and try again. If her face is blue with a sweat drop, than use pills. If Ryuuji is bothering her, than load and try again. If you get into a fight, because somebody is "kidnapping her," than just aim at his chest, and hold the "s" button. REMEMBER- YOU SHOULD REMEMBER WHAT DAY YOU KISSED HER, buuut if you did it by this guide, then the will be 2. MOUNTAINS WILL MAKE GIRLS SAD MOST OF THE TIME, so you should rent a car, just in case. (If you have the strength magazine, train.) Have sex, and go on a date to the place you DIDN'T go to with Kotomi yet. XD (The brown, long hair chick.)You should have 20 exp with her. GO TO THE "FRONT GATE." Look at the mirror (pervert XD) and then the towel. Have sex, (charm) and then talk to Tomoko via phone twice. Once you got the day, train, surf the web, save (just in case of Ryuuji) and date her.