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For more than a decade, game publishers have updated PC games to patch errors or released new content.But this process is relatively new for console publishers.

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Abandoned by her former allies, the United States is a bleak landscape of walled towns and abandoned suburbs. Epic Multiplayer Multiplayer support brings epic warfare to the online arena as infantry, tanks, attack helicopters and combat drones battle across huge, open battlefields. If any of you know, please inform me so I can update the info on this shot.

This is a police state where high school stadiums have become detention centers, and shopping malls shelter armored attack vehicles. Homefront’s rich feature set offering layers of tactical depth combined with a game-changing innovation in the multiplayer space sets a new benchmark in online warfare. An unashamedly mature title in a sea of family-friendly offerings on Kinect for the first time, Rise of Nightmares takes you into a cinematic world of horrific blood and violence.

Game Features A Terrifyingly plausible near-future world – The familiar has become alien in this nightmare vision of occupied USA Fight for a Cause – Join a cast of memorable characters as your resistance cell wages a guerrilla war against overwhelming military odds in the name of Freedom Witness the Human Cost of War – a gripping story from the pen of John Milius is told through immersive, interactive 1st person cut scenes Experience Explosive FPS Gameplay – Battle through a dynamic mix of infantry and vehicle combat in a gripping single player campaign boasting intense, memorable set pieces Take the Battle Online – Experience large scale multiplayer action like never before in epic infantry and vehicle warfare involving up to 32 players online Additional Screenshots Story by John Milius. Rise of Nightmares is a single player Survival-Horror game exclusive to Xbox 360 that brings truly mature gameplay to the console’s Kinect Sensor* accessory for the first time.

Additional features include: a single player campaign written by Hollywood screenwriter John Milius, online multiplayer support for up to 32 players, ground and vehicular combat, and more. Sorry for all the MLG Washington DC gaming competition shots, but I want to post them all at once and get it out of the way.

Home is Where the Heart Is The year is 2027, and the world as we know it is unraveling after fifteen years of economic meltdown and widespread global conflict over dwindling natural resources. Gripping Single Player Campaign Join the Resistance, stand united and fight for freedom against an overwhelming military force in Homefront’s gripping single player campaign penned by John Milius (“Apocalypse Now,” “Red Dawn”). Hopefully some of you will be moved to check out a gaming expo or competition the next time one comes to your part of the world.

A once proud America has fallen, her infrastructure shattered and military in disarray. Stand alongside a cast of memorable characters as an emotional plot unfolds in this terrifyingly plausible near-future world. ^_^ The photo above is of modified XBOX 360 consoles.To make matters worse, crippled by a devastating EMP strike, the USA is powerless to resist the ever expanding occupation of a savage, nuclear armed Greater Korean Republic. Experience visceral, cinematic first-person shooter action as you fight your way across occupied USA using guerrilla tactics, and commandeer military vehicles and advanced drone technology to defeat the enemy. Unfortunately, I’m out of touch with many video games these days, so I have nooooo idea what game these faces are from.A once proud America has fallen, her infrastructure shattered and military in disarray.The USA is powerless to resist the ever expanding occupation of a savage, nuclear armed Greater Korean Republic.Homefront is a first-person shooter that challenges players to survive and impact a fictional future scenario in which America has been economically devastated and occupied by a foreign power.In the face of overwhelming oppression, you must choose whether to submit to military forces, take the fight to the enemy or even throw your lot in with the invaders.